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“Residential mortgage loan officer Gutiérrez promises to demystify the loan approval maze, and she holds true to her word in this lucid debut work. Comprehensive, eminently readable, and free of jargon—an all-in-one resource for anyone seeking a mortgage loan.”

-Kirkus Book Reviews

“Any seeking clear explanation of the loan process, its underlying structure and influence, and methods for circumventing common obstacles must read Mortgage Matters, notable for its clear and experienced-based survey of the industry’s processes.”

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“In Mortgage Matters: Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze, seasoned residential mortgage loan officer Sylvia M. Gutiérrez walks you step-by-step through the lending process, providing tools and tips, in language you can understand.
This mortgage book explains the thoughts behind lender’s questions, illustrates the implications of your answers, and provides an easy-to-follow blueprint of the mortgage application process. It’s a great guide to help consumers understand our complex process!”

-Mortgage Women Magazine, November 2015

“Sylvia’s work is the most comprehensive book about the mortgage process I have ever read.  It is accessible, smart and informational.  Any consumer who takes the time to read this publication will be well armed and educated as to the home buying process and how to be a successful borrower and homeowner.  Our industry and economy would be helped by a better-educated consumer.  However this book has another place, that is in loan officer education, I plan on making this required reading for my team and recommend this read for Loan Officer training at all levels, even seasoned professionals will benefit by reading such a complete overview of this complex lending process.  This should be the textbook for loan origination; I cannot identify one area of mortgage lending left unexamined by Sylvia’s thorough and thoughtful text.  A must read for future homebuyers, investors, loan officers, industry analysts, journalists and real estate agents who want to demystify the process and become smarter professionals and more successful homeowners.”

-Amy Tierce, Mortgage Sales Manager

“Likely the most comprehensive book available about the mortgage process… Well worth adding to your library.”

-John Councilman, Mortgage Professional

“A great compilation of all things everyone should know before taking a dip into the world of homeownership.”

– Lydia Ruidiaz, Mortgage Underwriter

“An excellent explanation of the home financing process for the borrower and for the loan officer.  This should be required reading for secondary education to learn responsible financial habits.”

– Lourdes Ojeda, Mortgage Loan Originator

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