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Success in the mortgage
application process
is highly dependent on
your readiness.

What are you doing today to get prepared?

About the Book


If you’re like most people, getting a mortgage can seem like a confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating process. You have lots of questions and need guidance in selecting the best options to fit your financial goals. Imagine if you had a close friend who could share with you all the answers without adding sales pressure or making you feel intimidated—a trustworthy and unbiased adviser by your side.

In Mortgage Matters: Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze, seasoned residential mortgage loan officer Sylvia M. Gutiérrez walks you step-by-step through the lending process, providing tools and tips, in language you can understand, that will empower you to:

• Reduce anxiety over the unknown
• Expedite your loan decision
• Ensure your credit report is accurate
• Get the very best loan terms for your situation
• Minimize your interest costs over the life of your loan
• Decode “mortgage speak” throughout the entire process
• Understand how new mortgage laws and financial reform affect you

This mortgage book explains the thoughts behind lender’s questions, illustrates the implications of your answers, and provides an easy-to-follow blueprint of the mortgage application process. You’ll learn how to demonstrate you’re a capable borrower, and ultimately keep the process moving forward by having the right expectations. Being educated before you begin the loan application process will make your lending experience a much more pleasant one.

Book Chapters

CHAPTER 1. Steps Toward Homeownership
CHAPTER 2. The Mortgage Market
CHAPTER 3. Originator Engagement
CHAPTER 4. Basic Concepts of Mortgage Lending
CHAPTER 5. Answers to Your Most Common Questions
CHAPTER 6. Why Managing Your Credit Matters Most
CHAPTER 7. Documentation Standards
CHAPTER 8. Comparing Loan Program Options
CHAPTER 9. Managing Expectations
CHAPTER 10. The Uniform Residential Loan Application (The 1003)
CHAPTER 11. Challenges Affecting the Immigrant Community
CHAPTER 12. HOAs: Condo’s, Co-Ops, and PUDs
CHAPTER 13. Homeowners Insurance Requirements
CHAPTER 14. Standard Forms and Sample Letters of Verification
CHAPTER 15. Loan Servicing
APPENDIX: Mortgage Industry Challenges

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Mortgage Matters: Demystifying the Loan Approval Maze  Real Works Press, 2015. Print and Web.

RealWorks Press produces general nonfiction and fiction topics relating to real estate, consumer finance, personal growth, leadership, and women’s issues. The publisher represents itself as a Woman-Owned Small Business and Minority Owned Business publishing works that educate, inspire and/or entertain.